Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Artist as Magician and Alchemist

Came across an abstract of an dissertation entitled "The artist as 'magician' and 'alchemist' between production and perception, Occult traditions in European art history after 1945, A comparative research study- beginning with Joseph Beuys" by Verena Kuni

Which mentions:

Joseph Beuys; Rebecca Horn; Anselm Kiefer; Sigmar Polke; Marina Abramovic; Matthew Barney; Anna Blume; Bernhard Johannes Blume; Sylvie Fleury; Yves Klein; Jonathan Meese; Mariko Mori; Hermann Nitsch; Vettor Pisani; Ulrike Rosenbach; Niki de Saint Phalle; Daniel Spoerri; Gilberto Zorio a. o.

I will link these as I check them out...

The original dissertation is in German, so I'm hunting for a translation - I might have to use google translate which is bound to give some comic results...
The english abstract is here
and the german dissertation is here

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